About Us

About Us

At Newtec Packaging we stock a large range of products from polythene carrier bags, refuse sacks, paper products and various catering supplies for all industries. Grown to serve its client base in London and the home counties with an enviable reputation.

Newtec Packaging is at the forefront of supplying packaging products to its wide range of clientele. From everyday use items associated to the retail market to the more sophisticated upmarket clientele such as wholesalers and chain stores. At Newtec we are envied by our competitors in our ability to provide the widest range of packaging products at the lowest prices.

We believe that the key to our success is providing the best quality products and offering a transparent business relationship to all our customers being small stores or larger retail chains. Having built a valuable name within the market, we feel that we have a loyal customer base and strive to fulfil all our customer needs.

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